It is an unique botanical Nematicide in SL formulation. It is extracted From Neem seed which repel and reduce the feeding of juveniles and young adults of most phytophagous nematode, such as Root knot Nematode,Cyst Nematode, Burrowing Nematode, Cotton Root-knot.

It contains fundamental constituent of nematicide with additional features of root development.

It has true Nematicide activity against Nematode eggs, Juveniles & adult Nematodes leading to long term Nematode free protection.     

It is 100% organic and toxic free product. Its uses is environmentally safe.

It has also additional feature of root development with nutritional advantages and growth benefits.

It is being suitable for protection of plant roots from Nematodes, white grub, soil & seed borne diseases offers growers an effective choice as harmful Nematode Management tool.

It is Appropriately designed for modern field application with flexible use in conventional & organic cropping system.

Dose & method of application for per hectare : 12-14 ltr/hectare through drip, soil application or rootzone spray .

  1. For soil treatment : Mix 12-14 ltr Botanical Nematicide with 120 kg of compost/soil/FYM and applied around the rhizosphere soil uniformly for existing crops in the field. It can be incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through profuse watering the field. It can be incorporated in the field as a pre-plant treatment, or at planting and emergence stage, or immediately after transplanting.
  2. For Drip irrigation : mix 12-14 ltr of botanical nematicide with 500 ltr of water and incorporate into the soil through the drip irrigation systems during the pre or post planting stage. The frequency of applications also depends on the Nematode population.
  3. For rootzone Spray : Mix 12-14 ltr of Botanical Nematicide with 250 ltr water and spray near the soil of rootzone

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