TECHNICAL NAME: EDTA LIQUID MICRONUTRIENTS (EDTA-Zn-1%, Mn-0.25%, Cu-0.25%, Mo-0.1%, B-1%, Amino acid-10%)


KEPLON-II is an unique multi-micronutrient  liquid fertilizer contains Chelated  Zn, Mn, Cu with combination of  PQQ (100 PPM) ,Mo, B , Amino Acid for foliar application in all season crop.

The benefit of  KEPLON-II are as below –

Pyrolo Quinoline Quinone works as an antifungal agent. It helps to plant to get rid from fungal disease.

Chelated Zn is crucial for plant hormone balance and auxin activity and it is vital for growth, a division of cell and production of husks of grains.

Chelated Mg performs an important role in photosynthesis, chloroplast production, a cofactor in many plant reactions and activates enzymes.

Chelated Cu stimulates enzymes required for photosynthesis.

Molybdenum is crucial for the growth of leaves and prevention of diseases in plants and it is involved in nitrogen metabolism, essential in nitrogen fixation by legumes.

Boron enhances flowering blooms and develops uniform ripening process and it is essential in sugar transport, Cell division, and amino acid production.

Amino Acid  is required for plant growth promotion and for higher yields. It promotes hormonal activity and induces their synthesis resulting into flowering and fruit setting.

Dosage per acre : mix 200-250ml/acre


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