Lysorus (Anti-virus & bacteria) is an multi purpose enzyme which protect plants from bacteria and virus, it is capable of breaking the chemical bonds of the outer cell wall of the bacteria and virus.

Lysorus has true activity against bacteria and virus leading to long term protection of crop from bacterial and viral infection.

Lysorus is 100%  toxic free product. Its uses is environmentally safe.

Lysorus has also additional feature of in stimulation of   plant  growth & development with nutritional  advantages  and growth benefits.

Lysorus is Appropriately designed for modern field application with flexible use in conventional & organic cropping system.

Lysorus works as preventive as well as curative.

It offers better stress tolerance capacity against variety of  stresses hence increasing the plants  survival rate .

It Stimulates rapid stem and root growth.

Doses :  1gm lysorus powder  + 50 ml activator  / acer

Method of application  : First dissolve  1gm lysorus  powder then mix 50 ml Activator into 150 ltr water then    spray it on crop of  1 acre.

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