PQ-1000 is a unique combination of  non toxic environmentally non-hazardous  highly beneficial vitamins and enzymes such as PQQ (Pyrrolo-Quinoline Quinone)  which makes your product more effective on Fungus, Virus and Harmful Bacteria. PQ-1000  improve result of agrochemicals  product such as  fertilizer, plant growth regulator Bio stimulants , Bio fertilizer etc while mix  it during formulation  process.

The Benefit of PQ-1000 when mix with formulation of fertilizer are :

PQ-1000 contains essential elements that improves the growth of plants.

PQ-1000 enhances the ability to gain extra nutrition to the crop.

When added to the formulation then applied to soil o water, plant can develop tolerance against pest & harmful diseases. This disease can also be eliminated which gives aesthetic value to the harvest & increase the production up to 40-50%.

The Benefit of PQ-1000 when mix with formulation of PGR are :

Formulation of PGR with PQ-1000 shows 30-40% faster results than the current performing product.

PGR’s with PQ-1000 leads to better root formation, manipulating yield potential plant stress protection, reduce fruit drop.

The Benefit of PQ-1000 when mix with formulation of Bio Stimulant are :

PQ-1000 contains such vitamins & enzymes with PQQ which strengthen & multiples the function of Bio Substance. When applied to plant it gives 50% extra potential to the product to stimulate natural processer to benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient use efficiency tolerance to a biotic stress, and crop quality.

The Benefit of PQ-1000 when mix with formulation of Bacteria & mycorrhiza based  Biofertilizer are :

It increases the population of Bacteria & mycorrhiza fungi of Biofertilizer.

It gives the healthy atmosphere and gives long life to Bacteria & mycorrhiza fungi.





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