Prosper ( worlds first Anti-fungal Bio-stimulant) is A revolutionary product in plant protection, acts effectively as an anti-fungal Biostimulant with main ingradient being PQQ(pyrroloquinoline quinone),which is a cofactor for several enzymes including glucose dehydrogenase. Prosper stops the fungal growth and induce systemic resistance in plant against fungal diseases.

 Prosper stimulate plant growth and serves as a cofactor for special class of enzymes involved in celluler function including cellular growth , development, differentiation, and survival.

Prosper works against several plant pathogenic fungus.It control the several fungal diseases such as-Cercospora Leaf Blight, early Blight, Late Blight, Pod and Stem Blight , Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Sclerotinia stem Rot, Brown stem Rot and Botrytis(gray Mould).

Prosper improves the immunity of the plant against harmful microorganisms.

Prosper acts as an effective preventive bio-control agent.

Prosper is an effective inhibitor of fugal pathogens

Prosper is a powerful nutritional antioxidant

Prosper acts as an effective disease suppressor

Prosper acts as an effective disease suppressor

It Stimulates the cell of germinating seed.

It Stimulates rapid stem and root growth.

Dosage Per Acre:

For Foiar Applicatiom  : Mix 50-75  ml of prosper  with 200 ltr water and spray evenly on crop.

For Drip irrigation : Mix 75 – 100 ml of prosper with and  incorporate into the soil through the drip irrigation systems.

For Soil application : Mix 100-150  ml prosper  with 10 kg of compost/soil/FYM and applied around the   rhizosphere soil uniformly for existing crops in the field.


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